Humiliation POV Goddess Carissa: Add Fingers As You Go From Ass To Mouth

Goddess Carissa

Do you see my middle fingers loser? Fuck you. Do you like that? Of course you do. And since you love it so much I want you to do it too. Put up your two middle fingers and put one in your mouth, and one in your ass. Suck and fuck loser. Fuck your mouth and fuck your ass with your middle fingers loser. In and out you little fucking loser pervert. Look at you, you’ll do anything I say.

Now take your fingers out, and I want you to switch. The one from your asshole, that goes in your mouth now, lol! Now suck it off while you fuck your asshole with your other spit covered middle finger. You’re going ass to mouth loser. Ewwww you’re so gross! Taste it, lick it all off. Is it all off? Good, now switch! LOL! Lick that dirty one and fuck your ass loser. Suck and fuck with your middle fingers. You are so pathetic!

But I’ll bet your ass can take more. Stick another finger in. Yea work it in, fuck that ass, that feels better now, doesn’t it? Your ass needed more. And start sucking on two fingers now as well. Two in your ass and two in your mouth as you fuck them both simultaneously. Oh my god, look how hard your cock is! That is so pathetic. Now switch. Lick those fingers off!

Now let’s add another. I want three fingers in that asshole, open it up. And three in your mouth. Suck and fuck. Oh yea, you like that. Look at how gross and pathetic you are. But you love it. You’re so hard. Now switch, go ass to mouth loser. I fucking love degrading you like this.

Now four loser. Work them in, I don’t care if it hurts. You’ll do it because you’re controlled by me. God look at you, look at how pathetic you are. All alone, fucking your ass and your mouth with your fingers. Going ass to mouth. I wanna hear you choking on your disgusting fingers that just came out of your asshole while you fuck yourself with four fingers. Do you think you can fit yourin? I mean you already have four in there. So go on, do it, stick your whole hand in. Fist yourself loser. And your hands are so busy they can’t even jerk your hard horny cock. But you don’t deserve pleasure, this is all you get. I’m just going to leave you like this, with your mouth and ass full of your fingers and your unsatisfied cock full of cum.


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