Humiliation POV Miss Cherry Vee: Sensual Spank And Stroke Session

Miss Cherry Vee

You’re so lucky loser, do you know why? Because I’m going to let you stroke to me, to my perfect fucking body. And you should be so grateful. I mean just look at me. But there’s a catch. While you stroke yourself to me, you’re also going to spank yourself for me because you’re a fucking perv, always perving on hot young girls like me. It’s so fucking pathetic.

So go get something to spank yourself with, a paddle, a whip, a hairbrush, a dildo. I know you’re already rock hard from staring at me, but now I want you to stand up with your legs apart. I want you to tease your balls with your paddle. Don’t hit them, just gently massage your balls with your paddle. And while you’re doing that, grab your hard cock and slowly and gently stroke your cock. Keep stroking and move your paddle over to your ass, and just gently rub it over your ass. But I know you truly want to spank yourself, you like hurting yourself for me. So when I say, ‘Spank’, I want you to spank your ass hard, but don’t stop jerking. I want it to sting. Hit yourself hard.

And every time you spank it, I want you to jerk it faster. ‘Spank’. Grip your dick tighter, spank your ass, and jerk it. I know you love spanking yourself for me while you stare at my flawless body. ‘Spank, Spank, Spank’. Now stop stroking. I want you to just spank your ass now, I want you to spank it until it’s red. Good boy, now give your balls one good spank. Now grip your cock and jerk it. You love jerking your cock, especially after spanking yourself for me. Now keep spanking, spank and jerk loser.

Now we’re gong to go from your balls to your ass. Spank your balls, spank your ass, back and forth and don’t stop jerking. I’m going to let you cum but you’re going to have to spank your balls while you cum. Don’t be a pussy, do it for me. Spank that cum out of your balls.

Humiliation POV Miss Cherry Vee: Sensual Spank And Stroke Session


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