Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Boot Owned Sole Licker – WMV

How does it feel to be owned by an inanimate object? Your place so far down the food chain that my thigh high boots literally have total control over your entire existence. Feels good, doesn’t it? Like you were born to be beneath the grit that clings to my boot soles. Like you’ve finally found a reason to live, right?. It’s OK… I understand all of it and will happily put you in your proper place. You can stay there as long as you’re useful and lick my filthy soles clean every day. It’s all true for this boot worm. My boots own its mind, body and soul. Lucky little slug gets to eat the dirt from my boots and smell all that black leather while I mark its flesh with my crop. When it’s done I’ll just walk around some more so it can eat again. I want my boot piggy full of boot filth!

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 344.8 MB

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