Subby Hubby: Dava’s Cuck Husband: Their Fluffer

Dava is having intense sex with her big-cocked stud as her cuckold husband watches. Her cuckold husband is ordered to lick her ass, lick her breasts and help her cum. She also wants him to be a full-fledged fluffer and suck the cock of her stud and lick HIS ass and balls to make sure he cums an extra big load for his wife and pleases her. He has no choice but to do as she says and lick any place she tells him to no matter how humiliating it is. He knows his place is to be her cuckold slave husband and her needs are more important than his. He does as he is told. Just when he thought it was all over, she makes him clean up all of the stud’s cum off of her beautiful pussy.


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